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Threat Scanner from Seraph Secure
Eliminate potential risks to your computer and personal information with a FREE threat scanner tool from Seraph Secure.
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Runs on Windows 10 & 11

How does it work?

Our threat scanner is specifically designed to scan all programs and services running on your computer.

It detects *remote access tools that scammers could be using to connect to your computer.

If any remote access tools are found, you will have the option to remove them.

*Some remote access software can be used for personal or business purposes.
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Who is this for?

The free threat scanner should be used by anyone who has been scammed or was in the process of being scammed.

Personal Use
Use the threat scanner on any personal computer to detect remote connection software that may have been installed by scammers.
Law Enforcement
Law enforcement can use the threat scanner to assist victims who have been scammed and neutralize active threats.
Business IT Support
Businesses or IT professionals could use the threat scanner to protect company assets or clients.

Stay Protected from Future Threats and Online Scams

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Seraph Secure is your first line of defense against scams and remote access to your computer.

Choose the number of devices you want to protect and get all the features of Seraph Secure in one simple plan. Use on your own computer or protect another family member.

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