One Simple Plan

All features of Seraph Secure bundled into one simple plan - just choose the number of devices you want protected and install.

Runs on Windows 10 & 11

Includes 14-Day Free Trial



For Personal Use Only

✔  Block Remote Connections
✔  Block Known Scam Websites
✔  Browser & Device Monitoring
✔  New Domain & Typo Alerts
✔  Alert Family Members

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"The free threat scanner is phenomenal. We have had massive results!"

AVAH Outreach Group

"Seraph Secure is an amazing step-forward in the fight against scammers. Installation is simple and it just works as is, sits in the background ready to alert. It also brings me peace of mind knowing my relatives won't be vulnerable to unwanted and possibly dangerous remote access, because Seraph Secure will not only block it, but send me an alert too!"

Ellie C.

"This tool is vital for helping to block the “bad guys” from my parents' computer, while keeping them safe when I can’t always be there. Truly a guardian angel that I am thankful for. Undoubtedly a game changer."

Heather G.