Stop Scams Before They Start

Scam Protection for You and Your Loved Ones

Proactively prevent scams from taking place, protect family members, and safeguard your personal information.
Runs on Windows 10 & 11
1 in 4
Americans are scam victims*
Avg loss by elderly victims†
$10 Billion
Lost to scams in 2023‡

Block Scam Websites

Get protection from thousands of known scam websites that put you and your computer at risk.

Stop Scammers From Accessing Your Computer

Scammers often use software to gain access to a victim's computer. Seraph Secure keeps you safe by automatically detecting and denying their attempts to connect to your computer.

Real-Time Alerts

Assign a guardian to each account and get real-time alerts when a family member is at risk. Guardians will be notified in real time with an email and text message.


Built By Kitboga & His Team

Kitboga Profile Picture

For over 7 years, Kitboga and his team have been investigating and exposing scams while promoting awareness and educating the public.

Kitboga started building Seraph Secure in 2022 and as the development team has grown our mission has stayed the same: provide protection against evolving scam threats to keep you and your family safe online.

Step 1

Choose How Many Devices

  • Only $2 per month per device

Includes 14-Day free trial

Runs on Windows 10 & 11

Step 2

Easy Installation

  • Simple to install
  • Runs quietly in the background

Step 3

24/7 Protection

  • Device monitoring
  • Block scam websites
  • Real-time alerts

Includes 14-Day Free Trial

per device/month
For Personal Use Only
  • Block remote connections
  • Block known scam websites
  • Browser & device monitoring
  • New domain & typo alerts
  • Alert family members