Powerful Anti-Scam Software

Block Scammer Connections

Detects and blocks remote software scammers use to gain unauthorized access to your device.

Block Scam Websites

Our advanced heuristics use pattern recognition to protect against thousands of known scam websites.

Real-Time Alerts

Get instant alerts sent to you or a loved one when a threat detection is found.

Fast and Lightweight

Runs quietly in the background of your device and is specifically designed to not slow down your computer.

Easy Installation

Download, install, and run in minutes. Easily add family members’ devices to your account with a unique link.

Safe Web Browsing

Brings you peace of mind as you browse by guarding against malicious websites and fake virus pop-ups.

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Runs on Windows 10 & 11

Why Choose Seraph Secure

Built by Anti-Fraud Experts

Kit and his team have 7+ years of scam investigation experience and have become experts in understanding the tools and techniques scammers use to deceive their victims. Seraph Secure was designed to counter the tactics frequently used by online scammers.

14-Day Free Trial

Start your plan with a 14-day free trial. If you are not satisfied with our product, you can cancel anytime without hassle.

Trusted by Law Enforcement

Seraph Secure is used by law enforcement agencies to assist victims of scams and provide forensic support.

No Logs Policy

We anonymize anything that could be used to identify you and do not sell any of your data.

Proactive Scam Protection

Our worldwide development team is dedicated to staying one step ahead of scammers in a fight against evolving scam techniques through proactive research and development. Seraph Secure is an innovative solution that uses sophisticated algorithms to provide reliable protection against new scam threats.

Friendly Customer Support

Our US-based customer support is available to help answer questions and provide technical support.

Available For

Windows 10 & 11
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Mac OS
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iOS / Android
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Get Real-Time Alerts

Alerts will display on your screen when potential threats are detected. If assigned, your guardian will also be notified via email and text message.

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Runs on Windows 10 & 11