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Block Scammer Connections
Detects and blocks remote software scammers use to gain unauthorized access to your device.
Block Scam Websites
Our advanced heuristics use pattern recognition to protect against thousands of known scam websites.
Real-Time Alerts
Get instant alerts sent to you or a loved one when a threat detection is found.
Fast and Lightweight
Runs quietly in the background of your device and is specifically designed to not slow down your computer.
Easy Installation
Download, install, and run in minutes. Easily add family members’ devices to your account with a unique link.
Safe Web Browsing
Brings you peace of mind as you browse by guarding against malicious websites and fake virus pop-ups.
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Runs on Windows 10 & 11

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Get Real-Time Alerts

Alerts will display on your screen when potential threats are detected. If assigned, your guardian will also be notified via email and text message (coming soon).

Scammers trick victims into installing remote connection software, giving them unrestricted access to devices. They steal personal info, passwords, and install malware, or scam victims into false payments, and can even remain connected without their victim's knowledge.

Seraph Secure blocks remote connection software by scanning your device and monitoring for suspicious processes and services. It also detects if there is unauthorized keyboard control and immediately severs the connection.

Seraph Secure protects you from known scam websites identified by powerful AI technology and advanced heuristics. Scammers use websites to trick victims into providing personal information via phishing tactics and social engineering to lure unsuspecting victims. Visiting low reputation sites may pose serious risks to your online security, privacy, and data.

Scammers use fake virus pop-ups that mimic legitimate security warnings which alarm victims and lead them to believe their device is infected. These pop-ups typically prompt victims to call a provided number for assistance. Scammers will then pose as legitimate tech support and lead their victims to take actions that can harm their computer or lead to financial loss.

Seraph Secure detects and blocks deceptive virus pop-up messages to keep you safe and bring you peace of mind as you browse online.

Scammers will often set up new websites to launch phishing attacks and catch users off guard. Sometimes these websites even resemble legitimate ones to deceive victims into thinking they’re visiting a trustworthy website.

Seraph Secure quickly checks the age of the websites you visit and warns you if a young domain is detected. If you encounter one of these alerts, exercise caution as these websites are potentially malicious.

Seraph Secure guards you against common typos for popular websites. Scammers will set up websites with slight misspellings to exploit users’ inadvertent errors to redirect traffic to fraudulent websites for phishing, malware distribution, or other illicit purposes.

Command-line utilities are software tools for computer tasks, mainly for advanced users or developers. Commands like tree and netstat display directory paths or network stats. Scammers misuse these to show deceptive looking results, creating false security alerts.

Seraph Secure detects if command line utilities are used on your computer and alerts you of potential scam risk.

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Runs on Windows 10 & 11