Victim Assistance for Law Enforcement
Threat Scanner from Seraph Secure
How it Works:
1.  Automatically disables network connections.

2.  Analyzes the device for remote connection tools.

3.  Neutralizes threats with the click of a button.

Runs on Windows 10 & 11

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Running an antivirus and changing passwords are important. However, the first step for an active scam is to remove the scammer's remote connection to the computer. The Threat Scanner helps with the removal of these remote connection programs so that the scammer can't regain access to the device.

Quick Removal

Free Threat Scanner instantly cuts internet connection to the device preventing scammers from reconnecting.

Eliminates risk of future breaches by identifying and allowing removal of remote connection software.

Forensic Support

The scan results provide a comprehensive list of remote access programs installed on the device including date and time of installation.

This information can be utilized while forensically analyzing the device making it easier to develop a timeline of fraudulent activity.

Fast and Easy to Use

No installation required.

Simply download from the Seraph Secure website, run the scan, and neutralize any threats.

Free & Simple Download

Runs on Windows 10 & 11

Additional Recovery Steps

We highly recommend that if scammers have connected to a victim's computer at any point, anything on the computer should be considered compromised.

Using an antivirus software to remove potential malware and changing all passwords from a different device if possible is strongly encouraged. Victims should also report their identity as stolen to the organizations on our resources page.

Stay Protected from Future Threats and Online Scams

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Seraph Secure is your first line of defense against scams and remote access to your computer.

Choose the number of devices you want to protect and get all the features of Seraph Secure in one simple plan. Use on your own computer or protect another family member.

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