Scam Protection Developed by Kitboga

Kit and his team have spent over a year building Seraph Secure to help protect you and your family from scams.

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An example of the Seraph Secure popup image blocking a scam threat.
1 in 4
Americans are scam victims*
$10 Billion
Lost to scams in 2023**
7 Years
of scam investigations

Stop Scams Before They Start

Simple Installation
Install Seraph Secure on Windows 10 or 11 in just a few clicks. It will run automatically in the background watching for threats.
Runs in the Background
Seraph Secure acts like a "guardian angel" keeping watch over you and your loved ones anytime their device is on.
Guardian Alerts
Seraph Secure helps you to protect friends and family members by sharing alerts via email when a scam is detected.
Blocks Thousands of Scams
While using Seraph Secure, thousands of known scam websites will be blocked from loading. This list grows every single day.

Deny Scammers Access

Scammers often use remote software to gain access to a victim's computers. Seraph Secure will detect any attempt to use this type of software and immediately deny remote access.

An image of a happy computer user getting a Seraph Secure alert.

Block Scam Websites

Seraph Secure software monitors online browsing for suspicious activity. We block thousands of known scams and are able to detect if you are on a website that puts you or your computer at risk.

If detected, you are immediately alerted with a pop-up and instructions on how to proceed.

Real Time Alerts

Assign a guardian to each account with Seraph Secure and get real time alerts when a family member is at risk. Guardians will be notified in real time with an email and text message (coming soon).

An iPhone displays a text of a family member being saved from an online scam.

Built By Kitboga & His Team.

For over 7 years, Kitboga and his team have been investigating and exposing scams while promoting awareness and educating the public.

Kitboga started building Seraph Secure in 2022 and as the development team has grown our mission has stayed the same: provide protection against evolving scam threats to keep you and your family safe online.

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✔  Block Remote Connections
✔  Block Known Scam Websites
✔  Browser & Device Monitoring
✔  New Domain & Typo Alerts
✔  Alert Family Members

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Ellie C.
Beta Tester

"Seraph Secure is an amazing step-forward in the fight against scammers. Installation is simple and it just works as is, sits in the background ready to alert. It also brings me peace of mind knowing my relatives won't be vulnerable to unwanted and possibly dangerous remote access, because Seraph Secure will not only block it, but send me an alert too!"

Heather G.
Beta Tester

"This tool is vital for helping to block the “bad guys” from my parents' computer, while keeping them safe when I can’t always be there. Truly a guardian angel that I am thankful for. Undoubtedly a game changer."

Richie J.
Beta Tester

"Knowing I will get an immediate alert anytime my parents encounter a possible scam, while online, is such a big deal. That peace of mind with Seraph Secure's protection means the world to me."