Employment Scams

The job market has become plagued by scammers looking to make quick money from people looking for actual employment opportunities. Job search websites and social media are filled with fake job postings. These scams can take various forms, but they typically involve scammers posing as employers to deceive their victims. Here are some telltale signs to be on the lookout for and how you can protect yourself.

The Anatomy of Employment Scams

Too Good to be True: Fake job postings may claim high salaries for minimal effort or qualifications, sometimes with the promise that you can work from home. The job description may be vague or solely focused on recruitment. Some scammers will go as far as conducting fake job interviews for a job that does not exist.

Upfront Fees: Advance fee scams are incredibly common when it comes to employment scams and they can take on many forms. Legitimate employers do not require payment from applicants and usually cover any cost related to hiring.

"Legitimate employers do not require payment from applicants and usually cover any cost related to hiring. "

Check Cashing Schemes: These scams revolve around counterfeit checks that scammers send to victims. The victim is asked to deposit them into their bank account and then send a portion of funds back to the scammer. The fake check bounces and the victim is out the money.

Ship that Back to Me: These scams involve receiving and shipping packages. These fake job opportunities offer high pay, but the job seeker ends up unknowingly participating in illegal activities by shipping stolen goods or money.

Pyramid Schemes: Be careful of job offers that require you to recruit others with false promises of high earnings. Pyramid schemes are often disguised as legitimate jobs that promise unrealistically high returns and pressure you to recruit friends and family. There’s often a lack of transparency with business structure and pyramid schemes and some have even had legal actions, complaints, and investigations brought against them.

Thoroughly research job opportunities and the companies offering them. Trust your instincts - if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Watch out for job postings that boast high payment for minimal work. Verify that the company is legitimate by checking for a visible online presence, reviews, and contact information.