Powerful Scam Detection Software

Built by Kitboga and his team, Seraph Secure combines over 7 years of scam investigations into one easy to use tool.

An example of the Seraph Secure popup image blocking a scam threat.

Deny Scammers Access

Seraph Secure detects if remote access software is being used on your computer and will block scammer access immediately.

Threatening Tech Scams

Scammers will pose as legitimate software companies or impersonate tech support that can harm your computer or lead to financial loss.

Scammers Gain Control

Scammers then guide victims to download remote control software, seizing control of their computer.

Detects and Alerts

Seraph Secure detects installed software and alerts guardians upon detecting remote activity or suspicious processes.

Deny Scammers Access

Remote access tools & software

Scammers use remote software to gain unauthorized access to the computer.

Command-line utilities

Scammers display programs on-screen featuring file directory paths.

Unattended access via remote software

Scammers gain remote entry without the user's permission or presence.

Virtual Input Monitoring

Detects if there is unauthorized remote keyboard control.

Block Scam Websites

Seraph Secure will run continuously in the background of your computer to protect you from malicious websites or common errors.

Continuous Active Protection

Website traffic is analyzed for common scam patterns to keep you safer while browsing online.

• New and Low Reputation websites alerts
• Typo monitoring for common misspellings
• AI-Powered pattern recognition of crypto investments, fake viruses, and more.


Blocks Fake Virus Pop-up Alerts

Using AI-powered technology, fake virus pop-ups are identified and a warning message will be displayed. Your guardian will also be notified.

Detecting Scams at the Source

Fake virus pop-ups deceive users by displaying false infection alerts, aiming to prompt harmful actions like downloading rogue software.

They create urgency and fear, coercing users to pay for unnecessary services or disclose personal information.

Real Time Alerts

The assigned guardian will now be notified at the exact moment a
loved one needs them the most.

Assign a Guardian

With Seraph Secure, you can assign guardians for real-time family alerts via email. (Texting coming soon)

Never be caught off-guard again. Now you are able to know exactly when a scam or threat has occurred, and can stop it before it ever starts.

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